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Besides the beaches, the Caribbean is known for its vibrant colours if you try these beautiful flowers we are sure your garden will look and feel like a Caribbean vacation every time you venture outdoors.

Yellow Bells


Add a pop of color to your garden with the yellow bell flowers a favorite amongst hummingbird and butterfly they are easy to plant and require nutrient-rich soil. They love the sun and is easy to maintain as they don’t need too much water and is considered a drought-friendly plant. Their pencil-like shape of the seed buds add depth to your garden and bring Summer all year round to your home.



A popular choice for a tropical garden the Hibiscus also known as the rose mallow strive best in full sun. They are a colorful flower that will change the look and feel of your surroundings while the best time to plant your Hibiscus is after the winter. Unlike the Yellow Bell, the Hibiscus requires a lot of water and must have proper drainage. You should first plant them in a container so you can change location according to the time of day or year.



Spring and Summer is an excellent time to plant this tropical beauty as they love the sun and this gives them time to get ready for the winter. They prefer regular watering as well as deep watering you well find them in vibrant colours and will look amazing as a hanging plant for your pergola. If you are willing to give your Bougainville the love and maintaining (pruning and sweeping) they require they will love you back by blossoming.



This pretty flowers you will find in the Caribbean and grows about 2.5m in height it is popular in Barbados also called lobster claws. Their leaves look similar to a banana leaf and flourish in free draining soil. They grow in colourful bracts that range from a variety of colours keep in mind to cut off dead leaves and stems and don’t over water as this may cause roots to rot.



Yes! You will find these bright and romantic flowers in the Caribbean their vines can be trained to grow over a pergola. They bloom from early summer to early winter and opens every morning like clockwork then closes and dies to be replaced by a new blue beauty. Plant them at least three to four weeks before the last frost date and soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours before planting and you are on your way to view its spectacular show.



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