After three years of using your Christmas led lights, some bulbs are broken and the lights no longer work.

But you don’t want to buy a new set of string lights- another option is to replace them. If you are wondering if you can, the answer is yes! Led lights are one of the easiest to restore.

Christmas lights make the holiday season festive and magical. However, with the constant flicking of broken bulbs, you may not achieve the full effect of your decor.

Searching For The Broken Bulbs

Before searching for which bulb is giving all the trouble, untangle your string lights and spread them on your working table.

You can test your bulbs by plugging them in a power source and connecting another string light that works. This test will tell you if there is a suitable circuit running through the broken string light.

To isolate where the problem is, you will want to give the string lights a visual inspection.

That is, opening and inspecting each bulb by giving the colour lamp casing a gentle pull. Then remove the LED and its plug, you’ll notice there are two metal wires on each of the LEDs.

Ensure that these two wires are intact if not, you must replace the bulb. Also, inspect the receptacle and make sure there is no corrosion. If all is good, push back the bulb in its plastic casing.

Time To Fix Any Broken Bulbs

During your search, identify which bulb is causing the problem as one or two of the metal wires connector are broken. 

Most string lights will come with replacement bulb, however, if you don’t have any, you can purchase them here.

Just pop in the replacement bulbs in the plastic casing and add the decorative cover. 

It is a very time-consuming process as you must check each bulb and replace the broken. But after you’ve finished your string led lights will work as new.

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