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During the chilly weather in the UK, Do you still use your gazebo? and if so, are you wondering if it’s safe to put a patio heater under your gazebo? Then yes, you can. But before you choose a patio heater, make sure it is not an enclosed structure.

You’ll need your gazebo to be as open as a patio however if you have the extra money, invest in an indoor or outdoor heater since it’s safer to use in an enclosed area.

Also, an electrical heater is cheaper and works best under the small area a gazebo provides. A paraffin heater takes up far too much space than an electrical heater.

Which Is the Best Patio Heater For Your Gazebo?

Deciding on a patio heater depends on a few factors, how big are your gazebo and your budget. Narrowing down the search will make finding the perfect heater easy.


Heatlab Set of 2 2kW Outdoor Freestanding Electric Quartz Bulb Garden Patio Heaters with Remote Control - 3 Power Settings (Set of 2 Grey FreeStanding Heaters)

Also, how windy is the area you live in? This will determine the position of your patio heater in the gazebo. But, before you can buy a heater, you should understand how a patio heater works. Patio heaters warm the area exactly as the sun heats the earth.

Rather than heating the air, the infrared waves heat the objects it’s in contact with. This heating system works best outdoors because it doesn’t rely on air movement to warm up your gazebo.

Another type of electric heaters are freestanding and Table-tops: these are portable and easy to use but they only heat the immediate area around them, usually about 8-10 feet. This is perfect for a gazebo, and here’s one I recommend to use.

Why Not Try A Gazebo Heater?

If you don’t want to use a patio heater, consider a gazebo heater.

What is a gazebo heater?

A gazebo heater functions exactly like a patio heater, that is, keeping you and your guest warm. It is a critical item to have during wintry nights. Here are three of my favourite heaters that are an excellent choice for your gazebo.


Outsunny 2kw Wall Mounted Infrared Electric Patio Heater Garden Outdoor Heating Warmer Waterproof 3 Power Settings Tilt Angle

A permanent structure like a wooden gazebo benefits from a free-hanging heater. Heaters like the Swan Al Fresco have three power settings and a fast heat operating system of 5000 hours. It can distribute heat from 10-40 feet, which align perfectly with your gazebo area. However, it is pricey and is on the heavy side.

The Costway is another great option but, for a patio gazebo. A free-standing structure will not provide the best support for heaters that mount on walls. You can get the Costway at an affordable price and like the GY it features a three setting timer function and is remotely operated. One downside is it needs to stay at least 3.5 feet away from any wood. So keep this in mind if you are considering purchasing this unit.

My last suggestion is the Outsunny. This is a renowned brand in the UK and manufactures only high-quality products. It is not as advanced as the GY or Costway but; it offers you peace of mind. With 2000 watts of warm, it can keep a medium-small gazebo cosy. It also has an adjustable backrest and its lowest heating setting is 650W. Some customers complain of faulty mounting plating and poor heating.

Can you use patio heater under a canopy

Yes, you can use a patio heater under a canopy. However, make sure it is placed in the middle of your canopy away from the walls. Additionally, a free-standing heater is a better choice as it is easier to move around.

Final Thoughts on Patio Heaters For Your Gazebos

Gazebo with heaters

Before you place a heater in your gazebo, you must consider the wind. If powerful winds are a problem in your area, then you must attach some gazebo curtains.

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