One of the best thing about a lawn anyone can have one, it doesn’t require any special skills. However, most of us ask ourself, can I mow and fertilize on the same day?

The answer is Yes, while some lawn experts recommend waiting a few days after mowing to fertilize your lawn. There is no harm in doing it on the same day.

For this post, I’ve tried it myself to examine the effects of mowing and fertilizing on the same day after monitoring my lawn for a month I didn’t notice any negative impact on my lawn.

However, I stick with proper mowing and fertilizing techniques that I will discuss below.

How To Mow Your Lawn?

When you mow your lawn properly, it improves the way your lawn looks as long as you know what type of grass you have. If you don’t know what type of grass you have on your lawn then research it by the region and the typical grass type there.

For warm-season grass, some types love to cut a bit shorter and will look better with a lower cut. However, for most of the cool-season grasses, you can generally cut them around 3-4 inches in height.

When you mow your lawn frequently, it has a better chance to survive the summer heat. Also, when mowing the lawn you should consider the 1/3 rule: don’t cut over 1/3 of the grass blade in a single mowing.

By complying with this rule, your grass will get thicker on its own, and you’ll be able to pick out weed much better. If there is the best time to mow, then it will be in the mid-morning or late afternoon. Although, everyone has their own schedule, try not to mow in the day’s heat.

Another important aspect of mowing is to make sure your mower blade is sharp. You can take them to your local shop, hardware store, or you can sharpen your blade yourself.

Inspect your grass after you have done mowing and if there are a lot of dull cuts, sharpen your blade immediately. Another thing to change up frequently is your mowing patterns. Because if you mow in the same directions all the time, you may train your grass to lie in a certain way.

Proper Lawn Fertilizing After Mowing

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Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn and a lawn spreader can help you spread fertilizers.

Drop spreaders are used for smaller lawns up to 5000 sq ft. After you have chosen the best way to spread your fertilizer now, let talk about your walking speed.

You must walk a bit faster than your usual pace so you can spread the fertilizers wide and flat. If you go slow the fertilizers make an umbrella pattern on your lawn and you must keep a consistent speed.


There is no rule stating that you can not fertilize your lawn right after mowing. But once you are using the best mowing and fertilizing technique, your lawn will love you for this.

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