We all do this! Before we buy anything online, we Google the products to ensure that the reviews are five stars or if it’s a perfect choice. To find the best gazebo to fit your backyard or patio, you must make sure it fits your budget and size so before buying, please consider our gazebo buyers guide.

What’s The Reason For Buying A New Gazebo?

  • For a place to relax.
  • To Increase home value.
  • For parties, weddings or receptions.
  • You are like me Love the grill.

Permanent Or Pop-Up?

Before budget and size, do you want a permanent hardtop gazebo? Or just a pop-up seasonal one? A permanent gazebo(wooden or metal) is by far a more expensive choice the best ones can handle any weather mother-nature throws at them and last longer while a pop-up works best in the sunny and mild rainy weathers.

Learn Your Gazebo Features


Gazebos run from 7ft to 20 ft if you want a gazebo just for family get-togethers then a medium size gazebo is a perfect choice. If you are using them for large parties like weddings and reception, I will go for a bigger size.


Are you looking for a traditional shape gazebo? If so, I recommend an 8 -sided gazebo. If you own a more modern home a square or rectangle gazebo, would fit nicely in your backyard or patio.

Water Resistant Or Nor?

This all depends on where you live if you reside in an area where rain consistently fall you will need a water-resistant gazebo these are expensive, but it is a necessity if don’t want to assemble and disassemble your gazebo kit every time.

The Frame

Frames usually come in steel or aluminum. Steel frames reduce rust this can cause slow damage. Aluminum frames are lightweight and perfect for portability. Aluminum is natural to flex and may not stand as tough in rainy conditions.

Lightweight Vs. Heavyweight Canopies

A lightweight option is excellent for one to two days uses and  parties. While heavyweight canopies last longer and can withstand harsh conditions.

Lightweight– Take minutes to assemble and fits in the back of most vehicles.

Cleaning Your Gazebo

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