Gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies and challenges you can take up if the main reason you are buying a gazebo is to admire all the hard work you are putting in your garden every day then here are some gardening tips to help you out.

1. Find the right spot to start your garden it doesn’t have too big a small garden goes a long way especially if you are always busy eventually you’ll make time to grow your garden.

2. Make sure your container has excellent drainage and soil with lots of compost.

3. Ensure you plant the right type of plant in the perfect time it will grow plenty as a beginner researching this is essential here is a link to help you with this Flower Calendar.

4. Don’t over wet your plants and wet the leaves; wet leaves lead to mold and sick plant, and no one wants that.

5. Organic fertilizers are the best way to go chemical fertilizer is expensive and will lead to disease and weak plants.

6. Don’t just plant one type of plants a combination is a great way to improve your garden as most plants replenish most nutrients lost by other plants.

7. Compost needs time to stabilize in your soil so apply it three weeks before planting.

8. Overripe vegetables can lead to pest remove them as soon as possible turn them into compost.

9. Water your garden early in the morning this is recommended by experts.

10. Plastic containers make mini covers to protect your plants from frost.

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