Shipping container homes are a good idea to live in the UK since the cost is a fraction of the price you’ll pay for a regular home. It is one of the coolest alternatives to traditional homes because you can start from scratch or buy prefab homes.

With prefab home, you must pay for the extra designs of beautiful cabinetry, flooring, and installations costs. Also, since the cost is lower than a traditional home, it is perfect for younger couples, who are looking for their first home.

You Can Go For A Prefab Home

If you decided to go for a prefab home, the construction time can take up to three months to complete. Compared to most traditional homes, which takes a longer time to finish.

Plus, they exceed building codes since the containers are built to be strong, and the factory inspects everything before delivery.

Easily Transported, Stacked And Customized

You can put containers home anywhere you like and they are easily arranged. This is an excellent shell for people who love DIY, plus if you have a decor budget you can build a beautiful home fit for a king.

Building with a container is like playing with blocks, it takes a bit of time to finish but after you have finished you’ll enjoy the complete structure

The Cost Is Predictable

While a prefab home is a bit expensive since you’ll have to pay for the additional customization, the supplier will give you the complete cost for the home, so you are aware of the cost beforehand.

If you DIY your container, you may have an unexpected cost, either way, it is still cheaper than a traditional home. There is are countless video on YouTube that will help you start to DIY your container home.


Recycle Containers is one of the best things that encourages people to have container homes. There are readily available because you can find tons of containers that ports no longer use.

By using containers as homes, you are using recycled materials and this is good for the planet.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, there is also a short construction time. This is another strong pros of containers home as well as you can find containers worldwide.

Plus, if you have to move you can find companies offering services that will pick up your home and transport it to any state. Finally, building experience is minimal when you have a shipping container home.

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