A deck box is an important component for storage as it prevents patio or deck clutter. It is also a perfect storage bin during the winter. As a result, a waterproof deck box is needed so it can withstand the elements.

Are deck boxes waterproof? Yes, most of them are because they are made from a variety of materials including plastic, wood, and resin wicker. Depending on the price, you can buy a quality plastic deck box that can last you up to three years.

For the past twenty years, my go-to deck boxes were made by my neighbor. He does woodwork in his backyard, and he uses durable pine to create these beautiful storage boxes that I replace every ten years. However, I do yearly upkeep by coating it with polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer.

Types of Waterproof Materials For Deck Box


Deuba Garden Storage Chest 310L Hinged Lid Handles Wheels Braided look Outdoor Cushion Box Weather-Resistant

While I prefer a wooden deck box, the cheaper option is a resin wick. Resin wick is a combination of materials similar to plastic and can withstand the elements. Therefore, they are the perfect material for outdoor furniture.

There are other benefits of resin wick like carefree cleaning since resin doesn’t absorb moisture. It will not change shape when wet so, hosing it down or wet cloth will do the trick.

The Deuba Garden Storage Box is water-resistant and contains a cover with two handles. It is the ideal choice if you are in the market for a new deck box.

Wooden Deck Box


Wooden Storage Box Wheels 117cm Acacia Solid Outdoor Indoor Furniture Cushion Pillow Chest Deck Patio Garden Shed Wood

A wood deck box is exquisite and is made from moisture-resistant wood like teak, cedar, and pine. They last longer than resin wick as long as you follow the upkeep instructions.

The Deuba Wooden Storage Box is an excellent choice for your deck. It has wheels for easy transport and enough space for cushions and pillows.

Plastic Deck Boxes


Deuba Garden Storage Box 290L Plastic Outdoor Patio Deck Cushion Chest 114x47x60cm Wood Style Lid Wheels Grey

Plastic deck boxes are very lightweight and easy to move around. They don’t absorb moisture and are long-lasting. Similarly, there is little to no maintenance needed but may lose its original colour over time.

Plastic is the least expensive compared to wood and resin wick. You can buy a plastic storage box for under £50. One of my favourites is the Deuba Garden Box, it a reliable brand with excellent customer service.

No matter the material, deck boxes are built to last that is both water and UV resistant. I feature the Deuba collection because it has worked for all my friends, and they can’t stop talking about it.

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