Yes, Coleman Gazebos has excellent waterproofing qualities and are a popular brand for camping and outdoor gears.

Many factors contribute to Coleman’s waterproofing qualities these include the hydrostatic head test. The hydrostatic head measures how much your Shelter flysheet can repel water.

For instance, The Colman Deluxe has a hydrostatic head of 3000mm of water while the Coleman Pro holds only 1000mm of water.

This only means, the Deluxe can holds 3m column of water before the fabric leaks. Also, the seams is tapered for additionally waterproofing.

Coleman’s gazebos have tapered seams. This is a layer of tape made of polyurethane film that is placed under the seam to prevent any water from escaping.

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Coleman Gazebos Waterproof and Hydrostatic head Ratings

NameWaterproofWater ColumnPrice
Coleman Event Shelter Pro – XLYes1000mmSee Price
Coleman DeluxeYes3000mmSee Price
Coleman Even ShelterYes1000mmSee Price
Coleman Dome
Yes2000mmSee Price

Additional Waterproofing

For additional protection, apply waterproofing chemicals to your gazebo canvas.

The Chemicals

For more information, here is a complete guide on how to waterproof gazebos instantly.

For the seams, diluted silicone is brush into the seams of the canvas.

The Coleman is a trusted brand around the world and especially in the UK. Further, the Coleman Event shelter Deluxe has the highest water column of 3000mm which can withstand 3m of water before it leaks.

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