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Choosing between products is a tough task, especially when it’s in the same price range. Yes, the All Season’s pop-up gazebo is a popular choice but what about the Maximus Heavy Duty gazebo which one is the best buy? Let’s take a look.

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Waterproof Qualities Compared

Both gazebos are waterproof: the All Seasons have a 260g/sqm of PVC coated polyester. This fabric doesn’t rip or tear and repels a sizeable amount of water before the roof leaks.

The needle holes from fabric stitching are tapered to prevent any further leaking. Compared to the Maximus whose water-proof fabric 300D which is equal to 310gsm. Regarding water-proofing Maximus is the best.

The Strongest Between The Seasons And The Maximus

All gazebos are powder coated to prevent rusting. The All Seasons has four weighted bags and when filled, offers 10kg weights to your gazebo, and each bag is attached to Velcro straps.

The Maximus pop-up gazebo is made from industrial grade steel which is very strong unfortunately, the Maximus does not offer weight bags.

Pop-Up Time

Both gazebos pop-up in minutes. Two persons can disassemble, plus you can leave the roof erected on the frame during storage.

Other comparisons:

3x3 Royal Blue Popup 8 min

What’s in the Box? All Seasons Pop-Up

  • 1 x Frame.
  • 1 x Roof.
  • 1 x carry bag with wheels.
  • 4 x leg weight bags.
  • 4 x pieces of guide rope.
  • 8 x Tent Pegs.
  • 1 x Warranty.
  • 1 x Care Guide.

What’s in the Box? For the Maximus Heavy Duty Pop

  • Industrial grade steel frame.
  • 600D Waterproof canopy (310gsm).
  • 4 Side panels.
  • Carrying bag.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Guy ropes & stakes.

You are getting your money’s worth with the All Seasons.

Best Gazebos

The Colors available

All Seasons Pop-up Gazebo- Beige, Black, Blue, Cream, Red, White, Metallic Grey, Bright Green, Yellow, Bright Blue.

Maximus heavy-duty Pop-up Gazebo-Beige, Blue, Green, Black.
More available colours with the All-Seasons.

3x3 Royal Blue Popup 1 min
maxiums min

Bottom Line

The overall score of the All-Season is a 9.5 while I give the Maximus a solid nine they both have a solid frame, and easy to pop-up.

The Maximus is cheaper than the All Seasons, but you are paying for the extra accessories. The two gazebos are ideal for parties, patios and relaxing.

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