It has always been a dream of mine to make my outdoor furniture. I enjoy watching creative Youtubers design and craft chairs and tables from simple materials.

My favourite designs use pallets as the structure. Pallets are available and you can get them at a cheap price. Also, their material is very durable and can withstand the elements.

As a result, while scrolling through my feed on Facebook, I saw these beautiful furniture designs from Share Ideas. This page shares inspirational posts to help you make your own projects. With over 300,000 followers, it has motivated many people to get up and create.

So with further ado, I’ll share eight of amazing pallets, chairs and tables design for your outdoor garden or gazebo depending on the size.

The Green Beauty Outdoor Set

FB IMG 1601575490679 min

I can’t get enough of how beautiful this set is. They paint every inch of the chair into one bright color with a hole in the middle for a supersize patio umbrella. It is amazing that they found the same perfect color to match the chairs

Pink, Green, And Grey Combo

FB IMG 1601575482154 min

Why buy outdoor furniture? When you can make your own at home. The owners of this gorgeous set are very creative and have a keen eye for style.

This Orange And Blue Set

FB IMG 1601575465779 min

The message alone says it all: Forget what your neighbours say and furnish your home for free with second-hand timber pellet. “Mic drop”.

Setting With Outdoor String Lights

FB IMG 1601575473343 min

Wow, I’m left speechless with this set. The ambient light adds that extra flair to this outdoor setting. Have a romantic dinner in your backyard or a simple, tasteful wedding reception.

Another Pink Combo

FB IMG 1601575441770 min

Pink may not be my favourite colour, however, I’m considering it in this combo.

Just A Simple Blue

FB IMG 1601575453337 min

It’s a simple set, but it looks very comfortable and easy to make.

Bohemian Style

FB IMG 1601575447520 min

The creative genius behind this set paid attention to every detail and colour combination. When looking at every angle, it gives me a very rustic vibe.

For Your Patio

FB IMG 1601575433140 min

Another simple but tasteful set that fit into every setting.

Here is a look of my favourite pallets inspired These a look of my favourite pallets inspired outdoor furniture. I hope this collection helps get your creative juices flowing.. I hope this collection helps get your creative juices flowing.