While there’re tons of pergola ideas to choose from here are six that will “wow” you.

It’s every gardener dream to have the perfect pergola weather, for climbing plants or a shaded area for admiring the hard work you’ve put in your garden.

You don’t have to go for a boring design but can spice things up with a pergola that is unique. Have you ever had that family in your neighborhood where you can only remember their name by how beautiful their Arbor or trellis is? Well, we all do.

So with further ado here are our top picks:

  • The Churnet Valley Pergola.
  • A pergola with a swing.
  • Smiles Circle Rounded Pergola.
  • Armstrong Supplies decking kit.
  • Liveoutside Roman retractable pergola.
  • Outour French Style 4-Sided Birdcage Pergola

Churnet Valley Garden Furniture Pergola Trellis

You will stand out with this pergola the Churent Valley has fantastic features to explore. Far from a traditional pergola, this trellis has an actual small table and two chairs that fit a family of four.

Here’s where you can get creative by adding cushions to these chairs with a pattern or colors that will brighten up your garden if you plant beautiful red climbing roses and place red pillows on those stylish wooden chairs.

Wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

The design itself is modern and lovely this pergola is pressure treated and easy to build with assemble time of 2-3 hours. If you experience issues building this pergola you can always watch the recommended YouTube video. This kit is available at Amazon- click here for the current price.

A Pergola Idea With A Swing

pergola with swing min 1

A swing is an excellent addition to your pergola especially if it’s in your garden it’s the easy way to entertain your kids while attending to your plants.

It’s also a great way to teach your children your secrets I have learned the best tips from watching my mom in her garden. Another reason why it’s the ultimate pergola idea the swings makes a date night even romantic by hanging solar string lights to give it that special touch.

If you want decorate your pergola even more hang lanterns, colored candles and sculptures.

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Circle Rounded Pergola

Have you ever seen a circle roof pergola? This certainly gives me that “wow” factor. I’m impressed by how much this small pergola can add depth to a garden and yes! You can find them in the UK.

Hang flowers on the four sides in hanging pots because this wooden structure is design to handle massive plants like scrubs. As I mentioned above, it is small but very spacious with approximately 180 cm between legs.

A Pergola Idea with A Decking Kit

pergola with deckin 1024x683 min 1

A pergola with a decking kit provides a close area for you to wine and dine outdoors, add lounge tables and chairs, and you’ll find the experience pleasant. I have spent many of my weekends eating outdoors, and a pergola with a deck gives you solid wood flooring to stand on.

A suburb example is the Armstrong Supplies decking kit which is laid directly into your patio or garden. Thus, you would immediately enjoy the extra space available with this pergola as it’s an ideal spot for a party.

As a fan of early morning meditation and yoga, I find the Armstrong perfect for getting in tune with nature and for spiritual insights.

Manufacture with FSC certifies timber and explicit instruction with all the fixing needed to assemble your pergola. Finally, this decking kit is easy to build and receive a four out of five rating from customers.

A suburb example is the Armstrong Supplies decking kit which is laid directly into your patio or garden. Thus, you would immediately enjoy the extra space available with this pergola as it’s an ideal spot for a party.

Pergola With Retractable Roof

A pergola with a retractable roof gives you the complete protection from rain and usually, have a built-in gutter system. They provide full shade and protection against hot and cold weathers.

Similarly, a pergola that looks amazing in both patio and the garden is a keeper, and the Livoutside Roman is no exception. One benefit of a patio pergola is you don’t have to walk far to experience a shaded area.

Another recommended pergola with a retractable roof is the Angel Living which has all the features of a good design garden structure that will last you years to come.

A French Style Pergola

fr 1024x1024 min 1 1

 under this metal beauty, it’s the ideal fit for growing climbing vines like ivy, clematis, wisteria and grape vines.

Great to use as an entrance door and a freestanding metal structure. Aside from being a great escape from stress, you’ll enjoy every moment of your French style pergola.

The Outdoor bird style pergola is constructed with sturdy iron to withstand the elements. It’s wide enough to fit a small table and two chairs, and below the ball, at the center, there is a large hook to hang lanterns.

Even though it’s a lightweight pergola, it is sturdy and wind resistant and when assembled it looks good in your garden.

Related Questions

What’s the best pergola Ideas for a hot tub?– An attractive pergola for a hot tub is one that has a privacy fence on both side and a bar rail so while you are in the hot tub, you can use it to set your drinks on.

What’s the best pergola idea for a wedding?– A traditional pergola looks fantastic at a wedding if you want to cover your guest then buy a large pergola. Similarly, smaller size works for pictures.

What’s the best pergola idea for small gardens?– A French style pergola they are small and great for climbing flowers.

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