Empty wine bottles are an inexpensive way to add atmosphere lighting to your outdoor exterior. It is also a brilliant source of decor for your gazebo or pergola.

Most of the time, all materials needed to complete this project are available around the house. Therefore, here are the items you will need: wine glasses with the label removed, scissors, string lights, cotton wick, lighter or matches, sandpaper, and acetone.

How To Make Wine Bottle Lights?

  • Start with a bowl and fill it with acetone.
  • Place the cotton wick into the acetone, allowing it to soak.
  • Wrap the wick around the bottle, approx 1/3 from the bottom.
  • Ensure the wick is wrapped around the bottle twice before tying a knot.
  • Light the wick with a match and slowly twist the bottle, so the entire wick is in flames.
  • Place bowl in water and the bottom should pop off.
  • Use sandpaper, if needed to smooth the edges.
  • Add string bulb lights.
  • Hang outdoors.

Wine Bottles Outdoor Ideas #1 with Led String lights

There are no cutting off the bottles like the guide above. However, you will still need string lights. When adding the string lights, all the lights will stick to the top of the bottle so give it a gentle shake to push the Led lights to the bottom.

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Along Your Path Way

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This idea is an excellent alternative for path lights.

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These cobalt blue bottles give out a soft glow with bright string light. Place them along your walkway to brighten them up.

Outdoor Hanging Decor

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Wine glass lights are not only used to light up pathways but as hanging decor lights.

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I love this idea, but I prefer realistic battery-powered candles as they are easy to use.

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