Dusk to dawn is an excellent choice for outdoor lighting, especially for commercial areas. They save energy since it features motion light that will only turn on at night.

This lighting option is low maintenance, affordable, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that you are not wasting energy. Compared to other lighting fixtures commercial dusk to dawn outdoor, lights last longer than ordinary lights.

All the lights I will mention below will provide enough lights to warn off intruders and will detect their presence. They are a useful addition to your establishment as it saves energy without disturbing your neighbours with its brightness.

Top Choices For Commercial Dusk To Dawn Outdoor Lights


Auraglow Stainless Steel Automatic Dusk Till Dawn Sensor Angled LED Wall Light - Cool White


The Auraglow dusk to dawn outdoor lights is one of my favourites because it’s cheap and versatile. This light is not as bulky as the rest and will give your business a modern and clean look.

Pack with many features, the Auraglow features strong aluminium with a chrome finish and acrylic light diffuser. Unlike the Bestkool they give you all the fixtures to mount on the wall, however, there are no instructions. Thus, making one of the hardest dusks to dawn lights to install.

Because the light is at an angled, it will illuminate the entire area where you will need sufficient lighting.


  • Affordable price.
  • Angled.
  • Modern look.


  • Difficult to install.


LED Dawn Wall Pack Light Fixture, 120W(500~600W HPS/HID Bulb Replacement), Daylight 5000K Wall Mount Pack Light, Waterproof Exterior/Entrance Security Dusk-to-dawn Photocell, Led Security Lighting


The Ledmo is extremely bright, and it’s a great option to use for commercial lights. With amazing customer service and speedy shipping, your package is expected to arrive in a few days after ordering.

Made from durable materials, the Ledmo is weather-resistant, shatterproof, and tested to withstand the utmost elements. Surviving all the condition mother nature has given, this light is the perfect choice for both small/large establishments.

Lastly, it has 17 years of life-time use, and you are given a three years warranty for peace of mind.

Sounds amazing!


10W Solar Street Light Outdoor Commercial Dusk to Dawn Super Bright Area Lighting LED Security Lamp Solar Powered Street Lights Waterproof IP65 with Motion Sensor Perfect for Garden Yard Path Building

The Bestqool solar street lights– This amazing light conserve energy by detecting movement and shining 100% of light on them after it goes down to 30% dim mode if there is no sign of activity.

It’s completely affordable, and it comes with everything except to tools for mounting. With 1000 lumen and durable solar panels, it will last a very long time mounted to your outdoor structure.

The Bestqool is a great solar light to illuminate walkways and parking lot without adding extra money to your electric bill.


  • Bright light.
  • Affordable.
  • Solar.
  • Safe and durable.


  • No mounting materials.

Commercial areas require dusk to dawn outdoor lights as you don’t have to visit your establishment to turn the lights on/off. There are a few expensive options but, Auraglow is affordable and is one of my favourite on the list.