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Like every outdoor structure, there are replacements canopy covers available for them.

Gazebos has many benefits whether it’s protecting your family from the sun or shaded area for your hot tub you’ll enjoy every minute of your outdoor structure.

Here are some great replacement Canopy covers the UK market has to offer.

How do I Measure for a Replacement Canopy Cover?

  • Use your measuring tape at the outer edge of one canopy and measure the adjacent leg.
  • Then take your tape and measure the second to the third leg.
  • A square gazebo will have the same measurement for length and width.
  • Measure the canopy structure top and bottom tier.
  • Do not estimate the size of your canopy, only buy by measurements.
  • Use your tape to measure the top tier and the distance between the four top tiers.
  • The two-tier are squares so make sure to measure the two sides.

Where To Buy Replacement Covers For Your Canopy?


COSTWAY 3x3m Gazebo Top Cover Roof Replacement, Outdoor Waterproof Canopy Tent Roof Top Spare Part for Garden Patio (1-Tier, Beige)


For 3x3m (two-tier) Vents, waterproof and Ultra-violet proof, easy to assemble, made with durable material.

It has a double layer design that promotes air circulations and is also waterproof. However, customers complain of the size because a slightly too big and not as wind resistant as manufacture’s claims.

Besides, it features durable material that protects you and your family from the harmful UV rays. It is a bit on the expensive side so, before making this cover your last decision shop around for a cheaper version.


vidaXL 2-Tier Gazebo Top Cover 310g/m² 3x3m Taupe Roof Replacement Tent Canopy


For 3X4m gazebos- waterproof. PVC coating, easy assemble, available in a variety of colours.

It is cheaper than the Costway and I love that the seller gives us the exact size of the Top tier 81 x 177 cm. So you can use your measurements to match it with this gazebo replacement cover.

It has a ventilation flap that allows the breeze to flow through with ease. I love that it has four colours so you can match it with your outdoor settings. The fabric is 100% waterproof, this is great for outdoor parties as it protects your guest from the rain.


Garden Winds LCM1148B Replacement Canopy, Beige


Water-resistant, fire retardant, Uv protected, 100% fits the manufacturer’s model number: L-GG040PST, LGC040PST.

The Garden Winds has amazing features and will last a very long time. There were no bad complains as it fits your gazebo frame perfectly without any sagging.

It features sturdy material and has of UPF 50+ which protects you from the sun UV rays.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Material: Before buying check to see if you are getting the best material. The thicker the polyester material is; the more protection you are getting from the elements.

Size/manufacturer model: Most gazebos have its product model number and you can find this on the underside of the original canopy or the netting. Also, some gazebos have the model numbers in the instruction booklet.

Check for your model number and match it with the replacement canopy. If your gazebo doesn’t have a model number, then you must measure it yourself. Buying the perfect size prevent water from collecting in any excess material.

Designs: This is an important factor when choosing a replacement cover as buying an excellent colour that matches with your outdoor setting change the entire look of your yard/patio. The two-tier roof offers ventilation, and it allows the breeze to flow through rather than push through the canopy.


It’s ok if your canopy roof hasn’t lasted longer than expected. Most of the time, you will have to replace your roof once or twice every ten years. That’s why I’ve given you an expensive and cheaper version to fit your budget.

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