The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has been a boring experience for me. The thought of staying inside and working from home wasn’t what I expected for 2020. However, I doing the best I can to get through it. So, I spent my time creating minor projects like a small flowers garden.

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Searching for ideas I came across my favourite page on Facebook called Sharing Ideas. These small flowers garden give me the perfect tool to begin my project.

I have some beautiful pots lying around which ill paint into pink, purple and blue. Then I’ll buy flowers, seeds (haven’t chosen yet) at Amazon and get to planting.

It seems simple enough! If you want to join me in my lockdown flower garden, you can start by choosing a design and start planting.

Here are some cool small flowers, garden ideas.

FB IMG 1601834206569
FB IMG 1601834200504
FB IMG 1601834187851
FB IMG 1601834182990
FB IMG 1601834177863
FB IMG 1601834154609
FB IMG 1601834148889
FB IMG 1601834143479
FB IMG 1601834137460
FB IMG 1601833771517
FB IMG 1601833764900
FB IMG 1601833761003
FB IMG 1601833746233
FB IMG 1601834513462

Extra pictures you may like.

FB IMG 1602826372926
FB IMG 1602826382163
FB IMG 1602826396703
FB IMG 1602826402217
FB IMG 1602826432030
FB IMG 1602826447319

Hopefully, these pictures inspire you to start planting during the lockdown.